Yummy (low-carb high-protein) Dinner Salad

Grilled Chicken: Marinade in “Island Teriyaki” from Sprouts for at least 30 mins or overnight.
Red onion
Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette:
1/4 c Balsalmic, 3/4 c Olive oil, 2tbls Brown Sugar, clove chopped garlic salt and pepper.


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Dinner Tonight

Grilled Grass Fed Beef Tacos
With Wholly Guacamole Avocado
“Spanish” Brown Rice
Grilled Asparagus

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Important Lean Dieting Rules

Rule No. 1 Be Prepared! 

Shoot to prepare your meals throughout the week.  If you have your meals and snacks prepared and with you at work you are less likely to eat out and spend money on high calorie foods or go to the candy jar on someone’s desk.  I know it takes time and effort but if you have an action plan for your meals for at LEAST 3 of your 5 work days and snacks for the entire week you will now be in control of the calories and nutrition that enter your body.  If you follow this rule alone, (I will be adding more rules in weeks to come) it will have a significant difference on how you feel at work, mental clarity and most of all on your beautiful body!

Note: Make sure you eat PLENTY!!!!  Plenty of the low calorie, high nutrient dense foods.  Plenty of veggies!!!!  All you can eat fresh veggies if your really hungry!  Vegetables signal to your brain that your tummy is full a lot faster than most other foods, and they have a ton of nutrient value and fiber.  Veggies should be on every plate (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  I have come up with some great ways to get those power house foods in my meals.   As a matter of fact I have pretty much mastered getting veggies in on most every meal.  Now, I most likely will not feel completely satisfied unless my lunch or dinner is accompanied by spinach or squash or steamed mixed veggies or any vegetable of my liking.

Please do not hesitate contact me if you need some tips on Awesome low calorie snacks and meal planning for your work week!!!!

Good LUCK you can do it!!!! ‘wink


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Easy Lunch- Open Face Turkey with Brown Rice Cous Cous

Today I made due with leftovers for a tasty lunch:

1 piece of Ezekial Bread
1/4 of an Avocado
Veganese (Natural type of Mayo)
Turkey (low sodium)
Lite Swiss (50 cal per slice)

Premaid Brown Rice Cous Cous
Left over Salsa
Flaxseed Chips (Trader Joe’s)  

Layered bread with Veganese, then avocado, then kale, then turkey, then swiss.  Topped my cous couse with salsa and added some chips.  Popped in micro for 1 minute and voila!


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Overcome Reason’s Why You “Can’t” Workout…

Feelings of boredom, lack of time, and fatigue can get in our way try these suggestions:

Sometimes we get bored… Mix it up!  Try finding new classes or  activities you enjoy to add to your workout routine.  Whether it be a walk outside, ZUMBA class, Kickboxing, home workout.  Also, hiring a personal trainer who can help build an exercise routine that’s new and fresh and works for YOU is a great way to get kick-started and motivated.

Lack of time….  Think of a workout as movement.  Try doing mini-sessions through your day.  For example a  10-minute home workout before work, a 15-minute walk for lunch , a fun class (or even half of one) after work.

Not motivated/ feeling tired…  Just get moving.  Focus on 5 minutes at a time you might find that immediately your energy and motivation will pick up!

Let me know how it goes!


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Get ready for your summer body now!

Okay everyone, it’s time to get ready for summer.  It takes time to reach goals so let’s get busy!

  1. Visualize what you want to look like this summer. (Be realistic)
  2. Jot down ways you can reach this goal (Exercise, Nutrition)
  3. Make one  Exercise  change and one Nutrition change this week. (Go for a walk on Monday or Sunday and skip the carb for dinner.)
  4. Every week keep your goal and maybe add one more to that!

Contact me if you would like some guidance… We will do it together!

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Good Morning Power Shake

This morning I didn’t finish my morning coffee (no cream just stevia).  So I decided to add it to my breakfast which was a protein shake!  Wow this was so tasty I’d like to share:

1 Banana

Ice Cubes

4-5 oz Coffee

Stevia (sweeten to your liking)

1 tblspoon almond butter

“Macha Up” Protein (VEGAN)

I added all the ingredients in my bullet blender then topped with some Cinnamon and let me tell you by the time I was done drinking this I felt so energized and good!

Please try and let me know what you think

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2012 USAs


Back Stage at the Las Vegas USA National Bodybuilding Championships.

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Competition Update

Hi All,

So it turns out that I overlooked qualification criteria for the Jr. National Competition which is what I was going to compete in, in Chicago.  I was notified by the promoter a week ago, and at first I thought, “Oh no this can’t be…” But then I realized I could compete at the USA’s National in Las Vegas a little later, July 27th and 28th so a feeling of relief settled in!

I have had a rough start this season by fracturing my foot and having to push through my workouts in a non-aggressive and gentle manner.  After months it finally healed which I could not believe because I thought I was doomed!  Then my dear grandmother passed away which takes a lot of mental and emotional energy… All the while I was in the middle of a move, which is a royal pain as you all know!  And last but not least, I added more to my plate, I started a new job in the evenings!

So I am now on literally 24-7 between working the day, working out half the day, and working the evenings!!!!  So having a little extra time was certainly a blessing.

Okay time to get to work!


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Testimonial: Jerry Maestas

Where shall I begin? I first started training with Rose in October of 2011, and at 5’10 was weighing in at a whooping 217 lbs! And pushing maximum density. Although I was working out on my own, I was constantly experiencing irritating little injuries. A determination by my M.D. that I was in the early stages of type 2 diabetes, and a strong recommendation to lose weight before all @#%! breaks loose!

What separated Rose from any other Personal Trainer is that I could recognize immediately that she really loved what she is doing. Right away I saw that Rose could work in the corporate world and would command a huge salary, given her advanced degree and strong spirit.

On the first consultation Rose quickly identified where I was challenged. For example, I had a history of dislocation in both shoulders. I always worked the large muscles, since that was what I knew. Rose taught me the proper exercises and form that strengthen the smaller muscles that hold my shoulders in place, and that has made a huge difference!

At the time of this writing, I am a lean and mean 180 lbs and have reduced my waist size from 38 to 35! Rose has helped me so much that, as I told her with all sincerity, I could not thank her enough. Also her sound advice on diet, proper rest, and motivation has helped every other aspect of my life. thank you Rose!

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