Services and Pricing

As a personal trainer I offer a variety of services to my clients and can tailor a program to your specific weight-loss or athletic goals. The packages below are a starting point for you and I to get a basis for where you are and where you want to be.

“Why Should I work with a personal trainer?”

I get this question a lot and it varies per person but overall it’s imperative to work with a personal trainer at least a couple of times, on a regular basis, to assure that you are utilizng proper form and technique and you that your exercise program is meeting your personal needs, goals, and limitations (if any).

Personal Training Sessions:

I offer two standard timed based training sessions of 30 or 60 minutes. Depending on the goals of my client I would make an assessment and recommend one versus the other. Session times are typically determined during our first consultation.

    • 30 Minute Training Sessions
    • 60 Minute Training Sessions

Starter Package:

The Starter Package is great to get someone on an overall health and fitness program.  This may appeal to those who have been away from their workout routine for some time, and/or has never been on a structured regimen all together. In addition to 2- One hour training sessions I also provide some insight on proper nutrition that will support your new active lifestyle. Here we also take initial body measurements. After purchasing the “Starter Package” you will have the tools you need and you can use for a lifetime to apply to your fitness plan. I also offer a discount on training sessions thereafter.

    • Nutritional Assessment
    • Weigh In and Body Composition (Optional)
    • Fitness Program based on goals, fitness level, and physical/medical limitations
    • 2- Training Sessions, 1 hour each to go over your workout program

Nutritional Guidance:

    • Complete Nutritional Assessment
    • Diet Guide to follow based on goals and needs
    • How to buy foods to fuel your fit and healthy lifestyle

Customized Exercise Program

    • Recommended exercises through resistance training to help reach specified goals
    • Recommended cardiovascular exercises to help reach overall health goals
    • One-on-one training session (if available to me depending on where you workout at)

If you are interested in any of these services feel free to contact me and I will be in touch soon! I look forward to meeting you!